• AAt Hillside Dog Hotel we have 12 rooms; 8 large rooms capable of generously housing up to 4 large dogs from the same family, and 4 smaller rooms. The building is built to human building regulation standards and is very well insulated throughout. This keeps the rooms cool in the summer and lovely and warm in the winter.

    Individual thermostat controlled underfloor heating ensures each guest is comfortable with the temperature of their room and our tiled floors and walls mean everything is kept spotlessly clean. All rooms have a ceiling speaker to quietly play soothing music, helping your pet feel at home.

    Each room is completely separated from its neighbouring room by full-height walls and a ceiling. All have their own secure, covered outside space, looking out onto our gravelled courtyard garden, with raised beds filled with lavender and other scented plants, and a water fountain in the centre. Although our rooms are already designed to be as quiet and peaceful as possible, we have little houses that can be used instead of one of our beds, for any dog that feels the need for a little extra security to help them feel safe and snuggly whilst they are away from home.

    The internal doors of each room are full length and double glazed to let in natural daylight whilst helping to keep noise to a minimum. Rooms have individual opening roof lights too, which allow fresh air and a cool breeze in when required.

    When your pet arrives with us, we will provide you with a unique code. You can use the webcam in your pet’s room to check in on your little friend whenever you like, from wherever you are in the world. Once you have collected your dog at the end of their holiday the code will expire, keeping security tight for everyone.

    We are keen on security here, so the building is fitted with CCTV, intruder and fire alarm systems.

  • All of our rooms feature…

     Double glazing & soundproofing 

      Underfloor heating 

      Indoor & covered outdoor area

      Bedding (or little house for nervous dogs)

      Speaker to play music/radio

      Webcam for customers 24/7 access

      Fully alarmed & monitored premises

  • Exercise

    When you complete our booking-in form, you will be asked for details of how much and what type of exercise your dog is allowed on a daily basis .

    We aim to take your dog for two 20-minute walks every day plus they will get free running in our exercise area as often as possible. For elderly or less active dogs we can use that time in other ways; we have enrichment toys including snuffle mats, likki mats and kongs to provide mental stimulation, or we can just be there for extra cuddles or a nice relaxing grooming session.

    Only dogs from the same household will be exercised together.

  • Diet

    At Hillside we provide two different popular types of complete food, Beta and Bakers. We also stock canned meats and mixer. If you would like your dog to be fed a different type of food, you are welcome to supply it but please make sure it is in a suitable container and there is enough to last your dog for their stay.

Our dog guests are precious and we will take the best care of them, regardless of their size. That’s why we charge the same rate for all dogs.
Prices are per day, there is no reduction for part days.

Large Rooms:  £18 per dog per day
10% discount for 2 dogs from same family sharing a room
15% discount for 3 dogs from same family sharing a room
20% discount for 4 dogs from same family sharing a room

Small Rooms (2 dogs max):  £15 per dog per day
10% discount for 2 dogs from same family sharing a room

Food provision
We welcome people providing their own food but if they choose not to we can provide Beta or tinned food:
Additional £1.50 per dog per day


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