• Please see below for our frequently asked questions…


    • We are open for drop-offs and collections between 8.30-10am and 4.00-5.30pm but would prefer drop offs in the morning to give our guests plenty of time to settle in.
    • We will provide bedding if required, however, please feel free to bring any of your pet’s special bedding and/or toys to help your dog feel at home.
    • We aim to take your dog for two 20-minute walks every day plus they will get free running in our exercise area as often as possible. We provide enrichment toys for any older or less mobile pets who have restricted exercise. We only exercise dogs from the same family together, all others will be exercised individually.
    • We start to let our guests out from around 7.30am and will let them out into our exercise areas for the last time between 8-9pm.
    • We charge £25 per dog per day. Prices are per day, there is no reduction for part days. When dogs from the same family are sharing a room, the cost for a second dog is £15 and subsequent dogs £10.
    • We’re located just outside Clee Hill village, in South Shropshire – see the map on the Get in Touch page.
    • To book, call us on 01584 891107, or email us.



If you need any further information, just get in touch  – we’re happy to help!


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